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My first 'true' or at least adult love was intense. In my mid-twenties, I'd been living fast and furious, riding my guitar and thumb all over Europe and the Mid-East, playing dive bars and street corners. But I was slowly developing as a musician and writer, and had learned a couple of languages. Otherwise, I didn't know much. This beautiful, (slightly older) woman introduced me to yoga, to the Tao Te Ching and Tai' Chi, the delights of vegetarian food, and much more besides. It was a joy filled, magical time, but we were at different stages in our lives. She wanted to move back to the States and buy a house, put down roots. I wanted to keep playing music, remain based in London, and be free to travel wherever music took me. Something had to give, and one night we said goodbye in the rain, both crying. She moved to the States, but we remained really tight for many years, and both this and one other of these songs were gifts that came from our relationship.
This one is just me on piano, and Erich playing all the string parts.
I LOVE a well played cello!


I remember leaving a good love,
I remember feelin' really sad about it
but then she put me on my road,
so why feel sad about traveling it ?
why feel bad about travelin' it ?
I'm just a broken heart, just another broken heart