A favorite compliment

Some years ago, my wife Anna and I moved from N'awlins to Asheville NC. As with anywhere I've ever lived, within a short time, and seemingly by chance, I met some world class musicians, in this case Rod Kight and Joel Schantz.

They're two of my favorite guitarists...funky,  fearless, fabulous. I've been fortunate to play with some of Rock's iconic guitarists, Paul Kossoff, Mick Taylor and Taj Mahal among them.  Rod and Joel may not have their notoriety, yet they belong in that company, world class musicians. 

Rod and Joel each have their own styles, which mesh beautifully. Both work seamlessly with my rhythmic sense to convey mood & feeling in ways that decorate my songs just as I would have it, without my having to say anything. It all just comes aerating out of onlyville, in  the best possible way.

Along with my friends, cellist Erich Kory near Montreal, and bassist Tommy Dingwall in Scotland, Rod and Joel worked with me to create what is most likely my last album, and helped me to make this music in a way that feels good from top too bottom.                 

I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.