From the recording Hands Of Time

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The songs on this album reflect different aspects and qualities of 'time'.
This song was written many moons ago, but I've only just recorded it since meeting Rod and Joel, whose playing motivated me to finish it. Unfortunately, the frantic pace of life hasn't changed much in the years since I wrote it. If anything it's become faster and more chaotic, unless you have the wisdom and opportunity to step out of the mainstream. My fervent hope is that one day, a saner, healthier pace of living in our culture becomes the norm, natural and easy enough for all of us.
My fervent wish and hope is that, before too long, the pace of life everywhere will have changed to allow people to develop physically emotionally, intellectually and spiritually in healthy ways....
at their own pace.


Spoke to a friend of mine the other day
they said they'd seen it coming
Said we call this the human race
because we're off and running
It's just a sign of the times...