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Another solo recording. Once again, though the song was written almost forty years ag (!) but not recorded right away. Sadly, it's still relevant today, perhaps even more so than when I wrote it.
It was the last song Danny McIntosh and I played in our set on the Moody Blues tour, and it always got the most enthusiastic response of the night from audiences. But record companies thought it much too 'controversial' to be considered for a single (remember those). I guess they thought they knew better than several thousand people who were in the audience each and every night. Typical, unfortunately for Danny and me.


Been on the wrong side of the law pretty mamma but
it sure felt right to me
the law is a whore, it won't do nuthin'
less 'n you can pay the fee
I don't get no satisfaction baby
being somebody's fool
But if I don't see some action baby,
I'm gonna blow, gonna blow my cool
Keepin' up, keepin' up with the times
I'm just keepin' up, keepin' up with the times
Just keepin' up,
keepin' up with the times